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Our Jewelry

Timeless Designs

Silver Lining 

Artisan, Bold and Chic.
You really can’t go wrong with our Sterling Silver Statement Jewellery. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a loved one, we guarantee our products will be a serious conversation starter. Stop in and see our full range today.



Charming, Designer and Exotic.
Beautiful to wear with any ensemble, our stunning Gold Jewellery are the perfect choice to show off your unique and elegant style. We guarantee you won’t find such good quality anywhere else.

Our Products: Our Products


Dainty, Elegant and Flawless.

For engagements, weddings, anniversaries and every other special moment worth celebrating, think Infinity. 

Our Products: Our Products


Exotic, Fashionable and Graceful.
Jewellery that goes with any attire, our stunning Resin Art Rings are the perfect choice to show off your inner diva. We guarantee you won’t find such good quality anywhere else.

Our Products: Our Products


Radiant, Shimmering and Magical.
From Asterism to Play of Colours, we have it all. Explore the variety of phenomenal stones offered by Ethnastic Gems.



Soulful, Timeless and Unique.
Jewellery for every occasion. 
Explore the statement pieces of victorian silver jewellery offered by Ethnastic gems.
These aesthetic timeless pieces are a perfect match for your every look.

Our Products: Our Products
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